I am a Pilgrim EP (free)

by Whatthe Animalssay

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This is the E.P I wrote and recorded whilst back in my place of birth: Douglas, Isle of Man. It is the music that occupied my mind when my mind need to be challenged. It is during this time that I acquired what I needed to set up my micro travel studio, learnt how to use it, knuckled down to earn money, made new friends, rejuvenated old friendships; and planned my next writing expedition through India, Bangladesh, Nepal and China.

In many of the countries I travel to food and accommodation is fairly cheap. If you'd like to help me compose whilst on the road then please consider buying my lunch by purchasing a song or merchandise, or give me a place to sleep for the night by buying an album. I can't make my music without your support and encouragement. Thank you x.


released October 7, 2012

Instruments and Voices by Adam Kendrick-Kewley
Produced, Engineered and Composed by Adam Kendrick-Kewley
Additional vocals by Sarah Puzzar (Feets of Snow)
Cover photo taken by Jamie Lewis.



all rights reserved


Whatthe Animalssay Isle of Man

Traveling Gonzo Composer/duo. Forty-One Countries tapped for inspiration. Traveling with a micro studio, a microphone and an acoustic guitar, composing and uploading where and when possible. Songs written freely from Iceland to Togo without the constraints of industry. ... more

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Track Name: I am a Pilgrim
I don't mean to disappoint you,
but I would leave at the first given opportunity
and I don't have desire to bring you with me.

You don't have me caught in a snare,
our children are still just concepts in your head
and I'd never have desire to stop and help.

So lets soak each other up,
make memorys but never fall in love,
or become distracted by the warm, cosy, desire.

Fools I don't vacation or holiday I am a pilgrim
I don't want you but I often need you.
I know myself better now
and this is how I wish to continue.
Track Name: Feets of Snow
Lie here and keep warm,
I'm going towards the storm.

Oh God, what'd you mean,
stay here and keep me.

I simply can't watch us die,
I must go, I must try.

You won't return, you won't return,
and I'll die alone beneath these feets of snow.

Don't hear those words you say,
I'll return and I'll bring help.

I can't stop you but I can beg,
please don't leave me just hold me and pray.

Then I'll stay and we'll make this our bed,
beneath these feets of snow, as heavy as lead.
Track Name: Eight Ways to Control Your Zombies
Take your zombies and flee, take them to the foot of the hill and have them believe they are free. Whittle symbols and have them bow, divide them into groups and tell each group that they're better than the other group some how. When they fight think of it as sport then step into the middle and be the solution to the problem you caused — don't think of them as like you this way your conscience will not be bruised.

Dead, dead I'd rather be dead that standing in a field with no feeling in my head; dead.

When you think that they're well trained make them work for their food, which you will gladly obtain. This way they'll forget how to gather then they'll be reliant on the stoney faced giant and never again wonder why it does not look them in the eyes. But be weary when they fraternize we hope to control their minds but for now rely on rumors and lies. Tell them they're immortal but their life depends on you then give them distractions to keep their minds' from the horizon.

Dead, dead I'd rather be dead that standing in a field with no feeling in my head; dead.

Finally to keep them from leaving let them live in homes they don't own on condition that they must work harder still. You won't need a chain or a rope, they won't dare go any where not with the burden of what they own. These methods are well tested and it won't be long before they are sleeping soundly.

Dead, dead I'd rather be dead that standing in a field with no feeling in my head; dead.
Track Name: Out on the Water
Out, out on the ocean,
we kick and we swim,
turn and watch the coast from where we tread.

Beauty, beauty is fed to us
and the beer has helped us
with the cold, bottomless ocean.

Our eyes tell one another
we're terrified of what's beneath,
what's beneath, what's beneath, what's beneath.
Track Name: One Grey Morning/The Journey
I thought abandon was both mind and body,
but with so many digital sedatives
my every desire's monetary.
How do I survive in a world that's trying to cripple me.

Small things bring pleasure but never last,
an embrace, a caress, a natural sound.

Wolf down the fear that I read about,
I don't know who's coming, but somebody's coming.
I believe what I'm told because I'm trusting.
There's union in fear with people who are similar.

Small things bring pleasure but never last,
an embrace, a caress, a natural sound.

A belief in failure,
mass echolalia; neophobia.
A stagnant hallelujah.

But can we change where we are?
We're the result of an eon.
There's good in the eyes I look in,
so then why should I fear them?

I've made a decision
to act without division.
One grey morning,
I left with no need return.